Welcome to SSI

Specialty Solutions (a/k/a “SSI”) is a national specialty contractor operating in Divisions 3, 5, 7 and 9. In recent years, SSI has been the moisture vapor remediation’s and concrete leveling specialty contractor of choice on the largest Healthcare Projects Nationwide. We have an experienced and disciplined team who can take on any task, regardless of size, and we pride ourselves on our impeccably high standards. We always strive to deliver in a way that suits your schedule and your budget.

What We Do
Multi-Family Installations: Hacker Industries Gypsum Underlayment, Sound Mat, Elevated (Lightweight Concrete) Pumped in Place, Flashing and Waterproofing Details.

Healthcare: Cementitious and Intumescent Fireproofing. Moisture Vapor Remediation Sealer, All Types of Conventional and Liquid Applied Flooring Systems.

Construction Services: Mechanical Concrete Surface Preparation, Concrete Restoration Systems – Repair, Sloping, Resurfacing and Leveling. Flooring Systems Removal. Polished Concrete and Industrial Coatings. Expansion Joint Assembly Installations, Above and Below Grade Waterproofing.